Movie Slant Rating Scale

Movie Slant Grading System

A+  (5/4) – Yea, we know, 5/4 isn’t a thing, but thats the point. This is a movie that is so unbelievably good and completely beyond reproach that it defies logic. Think Godfather, or whatever is the opposite of Phantom Menace.

A    (4/4)  – Look, this is pretty clear, if we rank grade a movie ‘A’, we are basically saying drop what you are doing and go see it.

B+  (3.5/4) – A really good movie, something to add to your que without hesitation.

B     (3/4) – One of those movies that you will want to see, that people will be talking about, and that is easy on the eyes, but not a masterpiece by any stretch.

C+   (2.5/4) – This film is just slightly above average. If the synopsis strikes your fancy, or the subject matter is interesting to you, then check this out.

C      (2/4) – Average at best. Which doesn’t mean bad, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

D      (1/4) – Watch at your own risk. You have been warned.

F      (0/4) – It is almost hard to imagine that a movie would be so bad, with no redeeming factors, to warrant a complete F. That said, we can’t rule out the possibility.