Movie Review: Office Christmas Party

“There were some funny parts, but this movie was not good.” – Me as the credits rolled.

The setup:  Show lots of promo’s showcasing the expansive, familiar, and normally funny cast during what appears to be the most mind blowing and extreme Office party ever.

The expectations:  This should be a fun ride, with lots of jokes, and relatable office humor taken to the extreme.

The reality: “There were some funny parts, but this movie was not good”. These were the words I spoke as the credits rolled.  I really wanted to enjoy Office X-Mas Party, but at the end of the day, it was a mediocre attempt at replicating what I like to call “The Hangover Effect” in an Corporate/Office setting.  All of the ingredients were there.

  • Great ensemble cast, with solid history of funny movies √
  • Montage after Montage of Office Mayhem √
  • Potentially “original” setting for “The Hangover Effect” √

Unfortunately, this movie was really only montage after montage of mayhem, with nearly zero effective plot, or character development.  And lots of plot points used as an excuse to have another scene, without it making much sense at the end of the day.

For example, Olivia Munn’s character- Tracey, just so happens to be working on a project that never really took off, as a weak excuse for something her character has been looking for a “missing link” for a long time.  Only to have it obviously become the critical savior of the entire movie, after a pointless debate about how to calculate jumping a bridge in a minivan somehow turns into a life lesson which unlocks the missing link from this secret project.  If this sounds convoluted it is.  The entire movie is a series of strangely placed plot points and explanations sandwiched between a massive amount of party montage’s.  Additionally the Montage is completely over-used, and instead of it being a fresh, funny accelerated take of a few portions of the film, it ends up being a “hey look at me, this is EPIC, this is FUNNY” strain of a movie effect.

This movie tries so, so hard to be the Hangover of a corporate/office movie that it instead falls flat, never realizing the reason why the Hangover was an instant classic, is that while it was not only a somewhat original idea, it actually included an interested adventure, with unique characters experiencing crazy encounters you cared about.

Office X-Mas party’s ensemble cast essentially acts just like a character from their previous movie together i.e.: Horrible Bosses, Hot Tub Time Machine, etc. and never adds any spice or excitement to what could have been a funny and original setting.

Sadly, this is one mega party movie that won’t become an instant classic it tries so hard to be.  If you want to see some crazy office parties, watch The Wolf of Wall Street.


Movie Slant Rating:

movie slant rating graphic D


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