Why is Cap going to war with Iron Man way more compelling than Batman V Superman

I am sure, if you are reading this, you have seen the trailers for these two movies, which are being release a little over a month apart this spring. I want to start this commentary off by making one point clear: both of these movies look really, really good. I don’t get to the theater nearly as much as I would like, as evidence by my not getting to Deadpool despite the great reviews, but these two films are event movies, and I will absolutely see them both.

But watching both trailers several times now, I can’t help but feel that the stakes are higher in Civil War than in BvS. Watching Steve Rodgers and Tony Stark spar with fist as well as phrases is way more invigorating to me than dourer DC dialogue. But why, as Lex Luthor states, is the worlds greatest gladiator match, not more exciting?

I thought a lot about it and for me anyway if comes down to this. I am friends with the MCU characters. We have laughed along with the Avengers crew through good movies and bad, and Civil War feels like a fresh take on existing relationships. Also, seeing two characters we know in intimate detail, who were once friendlies now be full on adversaries is really cool. Finally, there is the pervasive sense that someone of significance is going to die in Civil War, where as it is clear that all the key players in BvS need to live on, they have a universe to (finally!) build.

And that’s the problem I have getting vesting in the DC property at this point. If we had been given the time to get to know these characters a little more, the idea of them battling it out would be more compelling. Also, unless there is a major misdirect happening, the trailers have pretty much revealed that they come together at the end, so that alone rips a lot of the tension out of the fight.

So there you have it, I guess I have taken sides, and I have sided with Marvel on this one. That said, I think 5 years from now the tables will have turned. We will see.



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