The MotherF*cking Deadpool Review

Wow. My mind is blown. I walked out of the theater with my friend and we both were amazed that we just watched a Marvel comics movie. If it isn’t obvious at this point Deadpool is a movie full of ultra violent, ultra gory, ultra sexual, ultra offensive content. And it is MOTHERF*CKING GLORIOUS!

Ryan Reynolds plays the part of the “Merc with a mouth” perfectly with excellent execution (no pun intended). The story is simple enough to keep the movie moving forward. Action scenes are perfectly choreographed and intense. The villain is probably the weakest part of the whole movie. Deadpool constantly pokes fun at basically everything. But does it so tactfully that outside of one moment, you aren’t ripped out of the movie because it’s actually part of the movie. It somehow balances the over the top humor, with just enough seriousness to keep you hooked and know this isn’t a comic parody movie. Morena Baccarin does her fair share of being the love interest.  Her character is interwoven into the story enough to make sure Wade/Deadpool have something bigger than himself to be concerned with, but don’t think you’ll dive deep into the complex mind of an assassin/mercenary and his beautiful girlfriend’s relationship.

That’s not to say the movie isn’t without its faults or disappointments. Like I mentioned above the villan is pretty weak. And by weak I mean he is a fine physical adversary for Deadpool and provides plenty of combat action. But lacks any serious motivation or controversy. Overall I felt like his threats were pretty shallow and I was just waiting for Deadpool to kick his ass. Colossus, one of my favorite X-Men is underutilized in my opinion. They nailed his personality but he is just so damn cool I wish his combat wasn’t limited to just standing their being a steel wall or getting his ass kicked. He also never returned to human form and I found this strange. There was also one moment during Collusus’ combat where the humor part did break the seriousness of the movie enough that I wish it didn’t happen.

Honestly though, my complaints are minimal. The movie did so much well that I can’t wait for the next one. And, I can’t wait for more R rated comic movies. The R rating is a major breath of fresh air and very welcome edge to the comic book genre. Compared to “The Avengers”, where NYC is attacked by an army of alien invaders and despite all of the destruction not one person dies onscreen, Deadpool makes it look like a G rated cartoon. To clarify, I’m not wishing for innocent people to die during a combat scene, but without it, it seems like there is less at stake, and less intensity.  The humor certainly makes the movie very enjoyable and funny but it’s not needed to be as over the top to have an R comic movie successful. Obviously its Deadpool’s thing, and it makes sense here, but Daredevil and Jessica Jones’ take on R ratings work well with the sex/violence/adult themes without the over the top humor. Turning that formula into a movie with a different set of characters would be a perfect idea. I am a bit concerned the studios won’t understand that and they’ll think they need to carbon copy Deadpool to make money. But only time will tell. As you may know Deadpool almost didn’t get made. So at this point anything could happen next.

In the meantime go see Deadpool. And eat a chimichanga. You’ll be doing yourself a favor.

Deadpool earns a Movieslant rating of “A“.

movie slant rating graphic A

Movieslant rating scale.


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