This is going to be fine (and if not who cares?)

photo: Sony
Photo: Sony

The latest set photo from the all female Ghostbusters remake just got released, and it shows Chris Hemsworth as the new receptionist, a role we knew he was playing, but this is the first good look at him we have seen. And it looks…fine! I mean, I think that we have seen by now that the middle Hemsworth, in addition to being a hunky Thor, is also a fine actor. Not Daniel Day Lewis, but a perfectly fine actor with pretty good comedic timing. Actually, I think that in the gender swap re-imagining he is the perfect type of guy for this role.

I wish Hollywood would get off the reboot bandwagon (something like 40 major release were remakes, reboots, or sequels in 2015?). That said, this is most likely going to be somewhere between not to bad and pretty good. And why wouldn’t it be? Good cast, good director, great source material.

If the only reason the Internet is bitter about this remake is that it somehow damages the original, then, well, the so  be it I guess. Personally, I know I can go watch the classic anytime, regardless of how this turns out. The original informs this the new one, but the new one does not take anything away from the original.

So chill internet! It’s gonna be fine. Besides, what’s the point of a studio having IP if they don’t use it!

Are you excited for the new Ghostbusters movie? Do you think it is stripping away your childhood? Leave a comment below and let’s keep the conversation going!



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