The Voices Review: When Ryan Reynolds killed people before he was Deadpool

Everything about Deadpool looks great. By this point you would expect a movie like this to adjust its marketing campaign to appeal to a wider audience with more formulaic TV spots and some smoothing of any perceived hard edges. In this case, Deadpool has fully embraced its R rating and completely meta source material. Suffice it to say, I cannot wait for this movie, and neither can my blog mate Eric.

Photo: IMDB
Photo: IMDB

But wait we all will for a few more weeks. In the meantime, why not scratch your charming Ryan Reynolds itch with The Voices, currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

Log Line (via A likable guy pursues his office crush with the help of his evil talking pets, but things turn sinister when she stands him up for a date.

Sinister might be an understatement. As the movie goes on, we slowly see how clinically insane Reynolds character Jerry really is, as he ‘accidentally’ kidnaps and kills one love interest after another. A bizarre blend of horror and humor, it’s no surprise Reynolds pulls off an amiable character that you can never really root against, no matter how disturbed he is revealed to be.

The interesting bit of storytelling that makes The Voices more interesting than it otherwise should be is the reveal that Jerry is on medication for his psychosis, but he is not taking it.

This situation is often portrayed in other movies as the subject on the meds seeing things in rosy colors, and only once ceasing to take the medication does real life come flooding in. The complete opposite is true in The Voices. At one point Jerry starts taking his medication and the reality of his actions start crashing down around him. The true condition of his apartment, complete with gruesome blood spattered lampshades and Tupperware containers filled with one assumes must be human remains, is revealed. This is too much for him to handle, so naturally he stops taking the meds.  While not under the influence of his antipsychotics, he hears voices from his cat Mr. Wiskers and his dog Bosco who are trying to guide him in his decision-making. When he is on the drugs, the voices go away, leaving him sane, but very lonely.

This movie is quirky and different. It finds balance the RomCom charm that Ryan Reynolds brings to a movie like The Proposal with the snappy comedy he is perfect at in Waiting. It’s his movie, and without him it would probably not be as worth the watch.

I’d give Voices a C+ on the MovieSlant rating scale. The Voices is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.


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