Movie Review: Everest



Intense. Well done. But a bit depressing.

I think the fact that Everest is based on a true story and there are real people that died which are depicted on screen and the fact that it happened during recent history threw me for a loop.

Don’t get me wrong. The movie is well done. Pulls at the heart strings, gets you on the edge of your seat, some great set pieces, and good acting.

But I ask the question. What is the purpose of this movie? Is it action/entertainment? Pay homage to the ones who didn’t make it? A memoir of the survivors? It’s unclear to me.

The movie plays like a dramatic intensive Man VS Nature movie. With the theme:”don’t mess with the mountain, this is a suicide mission.”  This would be fine if it was a fiction movie. But it’s almost like a reenactment. There are no obvious exaggerations.  That’s what makes it so intense and nail biting. And that’s what makes it so depressing.

It was entertaining. And made me feel for the characters. Of course the whole time I’m saying: “These people are nuts! Why would they go up there?”  But it left a depressing feeling when the credits rolled and I personally don’t like that.

Life is full of dramatic depressing moments. Just turn the news on. You can’t escape hearing about them. That’s why when I seek entertainment I want to be pulled out of reality. If something is based on a true story I want it to have a hero or at least make me feel good in the end. Otherwise I can’t see myself going back to the movie for another viewing.  Life is sobering enough, I don’t want my entertainment to be too.

At the end of the day the movie was very well done. And it entertained. But it won’t be on my list to re-watch. Go see it knowing what it is.

Everest earns a movieslant rating of: B


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