My 2016 Top 5

2016 looks to be a pretty big movie year. Not only from a box office stand point but from a pure enjoyment standpoint. There looks to be a serious lineup of entertainment coming our way. So much so that I’m as excited for this year as when Marvel Phase I started. Here is my list of my 5 most anticipated movies of 2016.

1. Captain America: Civil War

I’m heavily invested in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and watching this movie is almost like a mini avengers movie. It might even be better since the premise of the Hero Registration Act might actually cause serious threat and conflict between the team. I felt like Age of Ultron was a bit sterile in that department and never really put anyone in major conflict or danger.

2. Star Trek Beyond

I’m a massive Star Trek fan and despite the overly action packed motorcycle stunt trailer, this movie is supposed to be a return to the “Strange new worlds” and scientific exploration that makes Star Trek so different than Star Wars. I’m hoping the trailer edit was timed to get the attention of the mass media Star Wars movie goers.

3. Dr. Strange

Obviously with the investment I’ve made in the MCU this is a no brainier. But I’m genuinely excited for what Marvel is going to do with this property. I was very sceptical of how Thor was going to be introduced and am now very happy with the character and balance.

4. X-Men: Apocalypse

Timeline and plot holes not withstanding, Apocalypse has one of the most interesting arcs in the X-Men comics. Seeing him onscreen against the refreshed lineup of mutants makes this a must see.

5. Deadpool

Honestly the fact that this movie was basically ripped out of production hell and turned into a real movie is amazing. I feel like Fox understands what makes this character work and Ryan Reynolds knows what needs to happen to pull this whole together. Colossus is the bonus as I felt he was the most underutilized X-Men character in the core movies. Fox doesn’t have the best track record so here’s hoping for the best.

Honorable mentions: Batman vs Superman, Suicide Squad, Fantastic Beasts

BvS could be a complete cluster but there was enough redeemable qualities from MoS that I’ll check it out. Suicide Squad was actually on my list of “don’t bother” but it’s slowly changing my mind. The more adult Harry Potter universe movie looks interesting at least and could be unique and fun at best.
There are a number of other movies I am interest in seeing but non more than the above.

Enjoy 2016!!

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2 thoughts on “My 2016 Top 5

  1. After review I’m not 100% sure the dr strange trailer is legit. It almost seems fan made. Or an early cut. So once I get final judgement I’ll edit this post.

    One of the scenes. The one with the flags looks like it’s from Batman Begins.


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