Movie Review: The Man from U.N.C.L.E



Spy movie? Superman? Soviets? Guns with silencers? Sexy ladies? Consider me interested. 

I know nothing of the TV series that the movie gets its main concepts from. So judge not, I can whether or not this movie captures any bit of essence of the show. 

I know only that U.N.C.L.E is a spy organization and it is the same name as the organization from the show. 

So my point of view is that of a guy interested in spy/action movies. 

The movie easily sets the atmosphere of the 1960s well. And gives off a serious but not too serious tone. Where James Bond is over the top explosions and action sequences all while bond never cracks a smile, U.N.C.L.E is moderately over the top senarios but elbow jabing jokes along the way. 

Given the setup I wasn’t expecting any kind of ground breaking story or mind bending twists. The plot consisted of some interesting interconnected action sequences followed by well acted “quippy” dialog that not only moves the story along but entertains. Dire situations and challenges solved by funny and action packed sequences. 

Havill and Hammer have great on screen chemistry and believable combat scenes. Alicia Vikander does a perfect job as the innocent beauty and easily perfects this trio. 

It was a good ride and I would easily sit down for a sequel. 

This movie earns a solid B on the movieslant rating scale. 


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