I love a good music movie

Once upon a time there was a decade.  There had been decades before,  and there would be decades after,  but nothing would ever quite compare. … to the Eighties. It wasn’t the best music ever, some say it was the worst, but it was nothing if not distinct.

So imagine my delight when I catch a trailer for a new indie flick coming out called Sing Street, which appears to be set in Ireland. It is about a boy who starts a band to impress a girl, which I am pretty is why most high school bands get started. It features music from epic 80s European groups like The Cure, Duran Duran, A-Ha, and others.

Movies like Almost Famous, High Fidelity and Dazed and Confused, where the music is as important as any character in the story, are some of my absolute favorite flicks. Sing Street is officially on my 2016 list.



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