Star Wars should be a Netflix Series


Imagine a world where stories, plots, and subplots don’t need to be rushed through.  A place where serious thought, and character development can occur without being constrained into a 2.5 hour time slot.  A land where there is enough time to revisit subplots and interesting themes in just a few hours/days instead of years.  And lastly, imagine a place where production budgets are healthier than network television but still affordable for quality effects, and set pieces.

My friends, that place is Netflix.  House of Cards, Daredevil & Jessica Jones are just three examples of how a 12 episode run of a show can produce some of the highest quality entertainment you can find.

After watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens, I was greatly disappointed in the overall plot, and pace of the movie.  I felt like the entire movie was rushed, and if it just had a few more minuets to simmer in a few scenes character development, backstory and justification for their actions would be so much clearer, and the movie much more enjoyable.  I won’t be spoiling any of the movie here, but if you saw it I think you’ll agree it was moving at a brisk pace and may things were either very lightly explained, or not at all.  Now you could argue they will dive deep in the next movie, and there is going to be other forms of media like comics, and anthology movies where I can get some more details.  But I don’t want that.  I want a movie to be a big epic amazing story with amazing special effects and to walk out like I just finished the perfect steak dinner, with dessert.

This is why I think it would be absolutely amazing for Disney to produce a Netflix series in the Star Wars Universe.  Better yet, change the format of their storytelling, and utilize the exact cast from the movies, and utilize Netflix episodes to go deep into the rich history of the characters and universe, but use the movies to bring the epic battles, and major story arcs to life.  If Disney produced a tightly integrated Netflix series with 8-12 episodes in-between the Episode Releases for the movies, they would have the perfect platform to deliver the deepness Awakens was missing.

I honestly believe that Awakens doesn’t stand on its own very well.  Perhaps once they produce the final two films in the trilogy and we have 6-8 hours of content it will work as one cohesive story.  In the meantime we are left with a tiny appetizer, and waiting for the next course that we can only dream of whats on the plate.

I know JJ and co tried their best, I know reviving a movie franchise after 30 years is nearly impossible.  And I also know Netflix quality production hasn’t been around long enough for them to have planned to do this in lock step with the launch of Awakens, or even the next movie.  But with the success of the movie, and the death of the expanded universe, I am calling on Disney to produce a Netflix series tightly integrated with the movies they are producing, much tighter than Daredevil is with the MCU.

I know they can do it. And I know you will love it.


PS: If you haven’t check out Daredevil, or Jessica Jones yet, you should!

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