Can I get a Reboot??


“Can I get a Reboot??” Is the title for a series of posts regarding movie properties that could use a reboot.  For example, you might say “Can I get a Reboot??” after watching Spiderman 3.  Just because something is terrible, doesn’t mean you should just go up and reboot the whole franchise, so the goal of this series will be to discuss properties worthy of a reboot, and a new take.

As you may have heard, the new Terminator franchise has been Terminated.  This is an unfortunate but unsurprising event, due to the lack-luster performance of the movie at the box office.  You may also know that James Cameron is going to reclaim the rights to the movie franchise.  You might also say, Genisys was already a reboot, we don’t need another.  But hear me out.

Another well known reboot flop was the most recent Robocop reboot.  It was on pretty much all counts, terrible.  It underperformed at the box office, did not capture any of the original’s ultra violent, comedic, and insane undertones, and ultimately fell flat as both a Robocop movie, and a movie in general.

In this world of terrible reboots, and intertwined universes there is no better time to introduce:  Robocop vs The Terminator!



For those of you unaware, Robocop vs the Terminator started as a Comic Series by Dark Horse Comics.  The general premise was that Robocop was intertwined in the origin of Skynet, and gets mixed up in a little time travel and combat. Robocop Vs the Terminator WikipediaThe comic series spawned a video game and a number of toys in the early 90s.

Brining this series to the movie screen would be great way to revive these two struggling 80s-90s franchises without forcing them to reboot themselves in their own universe yet again. If Pacific Rim can throw together a weak story, but big action and still be successful, Robocop vs The Terminator should be able to knock it out of the park.

Unfortunately it is unlikely this will happen any time soon.  But one can dream!

For now, well have to settle for this:



What do you think about this? Share your thoughts in the comments!




One thought on “Can I get a Reboot??

  1. I think franchise reboot crossovers are the next logical extension of the 80s/90s reboot madness happening in Hollywood…. so will be crap, some will be amazing (like the idea you mentioned above!)

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