Out Of The Shadows, And In To Our Hearts?

teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-2-jpgThe movie making tactics of Michael Bay have been discussed, debated, and in many circles discarded for years now. The Transformers franchise has its fans (admittedly I am not one of them). I am a huge fan of the Rock and Armageddon, where his intense love of American soaked mayhem was just slightly restrained enough to allow a story to play out. I grew up in the late 80’s, early 90’s, so Turtles and Transformers were my jam, and I just couldn’t sit through the most recent Bay reimagining’s of either. (I started TMNT twice, haven’t finished it yet)

And yet, I am actually really excited to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle: Out of the Shadows.

The trailer gives the impression that this is a campy cartoon come to life, and it hits the all the nortalgia soaked high notes: Casey Jones, Bee Bop and Rock Steady, and recent reports that Krang will be on board. (I can only hope that the completion of this trilogy will include Usagi Yojimbo) But it is more than just the character appearances. The jokes seem good and tone is light, and the turtles look much better. They are less cluttered with stuff this time. The whole movie looks better.

Of course anything can happen. Too much Megan Fox and Will Arnett can further drag this franchise down, but the right amount can be great. One of the problems with these two ‘leads’ in the first TMNT was the quantity of time we spent with them, not the actors themselves.

So I have faith. In any other Michael Bay context a tank driven by a rino emerging from river firing at turtles would be too much, but for a the world of Bay’s Turtles I think it is going to be awesome.


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