Suicide Squad: More Fun Than A Superhero Movie Should Have

Suicide Squad #1As with so many properties, when I first heard they were making a Suicide Squad movie, I thought, who cares. But Guardians of the Galaxy, and to a lesser extent Antman (because the booted Edgar Wright) have proved that lesser known properties, given the right treatment, can make excellent superhero movies.

And holy moly does this look like an excellent superhero movie.

First and foremost, it is a really well done trailer. It does what I want these trailers to do, tell me a lot about the look and feel, set the tone, let me know what I am getting into, but stop short of laying out too much plot. Preferably, way short. I have no idea what the story is here, but I know the jist, and that’s good enough. Even Jai Courtney seems like he is going to not suck in this. I am so sick and tired of knowing every twist and turn in movies before they are even release. DC doesn’t have a great track record with this, so I am anticipating they will screw this up before August.

Jared Leto continues to build back credit with me after the initial photos, and looks like another interesting Joker. Romero (best part of that show), Nicholson, and Ledger all had unique but well done interpretations of this classic villain, and yet again that seems to be the case. It’s really pretty amazing that such a complex and significant character has been adapted so well so many times. The proof is in the movie, but I have high hopes for Leto.

Another thought, there is always a lot of talk about women not getting enough superhero leads. This is truly an ensemble, but Viola Davis playing what looks like the lead government gal and Margo Robbie playing the most recognizable and significant member of the Squad give this movie some strong female street cred.

But I want to see this movie because it just plain looks like a ton of fun. With the exception of Deadpool, all the other flicks in this genre are rather heavy this year. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice looks good, but also dark and brooding, as is DC’s want with these properties. X-Men: Apocalypse raises the stakes yet again for that universe. Civil War looks pretty good I guess, but it’s still about the MCU breaking in two.

This trailer is full throttle from go and I can’t say enough about how excited I am to see the movie.



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