Box Office Commentary: January 18


Star Wars, after 4 weeks is dethroned. The Revenant, in its second week, beat The Force Awakens this time, but remained in second place as the Ice Cube/Kevin Hart comedy Ride Along 2 grabbed the top spot.

The Star Wars story at this point is just how high can it go. It came in third, but still added another $25 million to its record breaking total. Could The Force Awakens earn over $1 billion domestically? It needs another $150 million, possible, not not guaranteed by any stretch. The next few weeks are key, as there are some interesting movies, but not many off season block busters until Deadpool in early February.

The Revenant is one to watch because it has grabbed enough Oscar nods to fill a grizzly’s belly. Last year’s best picture winner, Birdman, shared a director with Revenant, but did not have box office success. How many of the 12 categories it was nominated in can it win?

Next weekend releases include the 5th Wave (Cloverfield meets Hungergames?), The Boy (Lauren Cohan from Walking Dead, looks super creepy), and Dirty Grampa.


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