Box Office Commentary: January 4

Box OfficeIt should surprise no one that Star Wars once again is on top of the box office, and according to BoxOfficeMojo has now topped $700 million domestically in only 17 days. It is hard to imagine where the ceiling is for the behemoth. While the Star Wars rumbles on however, there are lots of other movies opening and making some money as well.

Hateful 8 and Joy are both in their second weeks and are performing admirably given the competition, although the reviews I have seen of both are quite mixed. Daddy’s Home and Sisters, both gender based comedies with some star power behind them, finished second and fourth respectively over the weekend, bringing in a combined $42 million.

Even down the line, movies like The Good Dinosaur (#11 – $4 million) and Creed (#12 – $3.9 million) continue to bring in money and add generously to the total $215 million the box office did this weekend. That is a 39% increase from last year, which seems to indicate a lot of American’s resolved to head to the movies in the new year!


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