My Top Three Movies of 2015

When you’re not a professional movie critic, well, you just can’t see everything. And I didn’t see a lot this year that I wanted to, but I did see a bunch of really good moview that I wanted to talk about. If you want to know the top 3 movies I missed out on in 2015 but plan to see in coming month, no worries, I listed them here. Also, Star Wars is no on this list. I enjoyed seeing Star Wars (I already went twice) more than anything I have seen in the theatre in some time, flaws and all. It has become to me a class unto itself, so I just chose to leave it off this list.

  • Ex Machina – This was a rookie director and several lesser known actors coming together for a great look at the world of technology and our future humanity. As much as it was a think piece, it was also not complicated. It is a small movie, almost entirely shot in several rooms in a single house, but the eccentric performance of Oscar Issac and the incredible controlled performance of Alicia Vikander make this movie seem all the more powerful. It is intimate, creepy, and rewarding even on a second watch.
  • Inside Out – For starters, I cried, and that moves most movies up the list for me. I want to watch movies that make me think and make me feel, and this movie did both. Somehow both not clichéd, but very Pixar, this was a movie for the whole family that worked on lots of levels. I am eager to watch it again.
  • Slow West – I did see other big movies, some good (Rogue Nation), and some not so good (Jurassic World), but I wanted to round out my top three with a smaller movie, which you can check out now on Amazon Prime, that surprised me. First time director John Maclean comes together with one of the best working actors today, Michael Fassbender, to deliver classic western that is reminiscent of a Coen Brothers film, but with a flavor all it’s own. As the name implies, it is a slow burn to a big finish. Despite sometimes a little on the nose with it’s humor, is darkly funny, patient, and disturbing.

I also really liked Tomorrowland, despite popular opinion to the contrary, and What We Do In Shadows brilliantly funny. What else did I miss? What were your favorite movies of 2015?


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